Chateau Földváry is a newly renovated 18th century mansion, which has opened its doors for guests again, to relive its secrets, enjoy its romantic rooms and gardens and experience a taste of luxury in a remote location. The walls of the mansion hide many secrets, and every item of furniture and artwork that decorate the Chateau is associated with the village of Öttevény, a village so rich in    history, that it creates a unique atmosphere, embodying a true sense of history, beauty and romance.


In the middle of the last century, the Földváry family was well established in the European high society. In 1870 they built their most important lordly residence in  Hungary, only 50 minutes away from Bratislava, the Slovakian capital and an hour away from the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The Chateau Földváry, was created and designed by Baron Földvár Miklosas, as a perfect summer residence for his beloved wife. The Chateau became the ‘place to be’: An elaborate setting to discuss important business negotiations, as well as a first class quality venue, hosting beautiful dinners, elegant balls and a fun, upper class party experience for a higher elite society who liked to hunt, enjoy fine living and drink the quality wine that the region had to offer. Guests enjoyed fine Food and drink and embraced all the luxuries of the Chateau life. Later, the mansion became the property of the Csáky Andora family and remained under them until 1945. At the beginning of 2009 Chateau Földváry underwent a complete renovation: The new and current landlords took the mansion, and made it into the haven it is today. The Chateau’s new owners embraced its past splendor and historical significance and returned it to it’s former glory…

Today, Chateau Földváry can proudly offer a unique and extra special retreat, to enjoy amazing architecture, as an ultimate place for a well needed break, to relax or even simply to chilld with friends and enjoy top wines from the region. The Chateau offers a large relaxation area for guests, including an outdoor swimming pool, sport courts, an indoor wellness center with hot spas and saunas, as well as an underground gentlemen’s rooms, with a pool table and a bar.

Absolute comfort is guaranteed to all of our guests, with rooms that all stand to provide perfect luxury and complete relaxation. Each suite has a unique style, and guests can choose from a variety of rooms, which all provide the ultimate Chateau Experience.

For gourmet guests, we prepare a menu where you may choose from typical Hungarian dishes, and combine them with one of our international range of wines, all hand picked by our incredible wine connoisseurs. In addition to incredible wine, we also pride ourselves on serving the best and most exquisite French cheese to compliment your dining experience and make it something to remember!

Chateau Földváry is a beautiful, romantic venue for engagements, anniversaries, wedding ceremonials and many other celebrations or events.

For honeymooners, the stunning ‘honeymoon suite’ is the perfect place to be romantic and celebrate a future filled with love, and of course our personal chef will take care of everything you desire, creating a very special menu just for this occasion. Nothing is impossible: Whatever your wish may be, we will grant it. This is the promise Chateau Földváry makes to every guest who walks through its doors.