Comfort is guaranteed, with rooms created for a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Our rooms will take you back in time, and make guests feel like royalty from a past era, indulging in a quality of service and experiences, that modern day hotels and retreats cannot compete with.


For families with children we provide large rooms with the option of an extra bed.

2 floors in the Chateau house a max. of 17 rooms
The Private Villa (on the Chateau grounds) houses 3 rooms
Honeymooners special “Honeymoon” apartment
Room service

Deluxe Rooms

The Manor House offers ten Deluxe rooms with unique facilities and attention to detail: You can either choose to stay in a lovely spring garden; in a beautiful summer romance; a room filled with the charming atmosphere of autumn; or a splendid winter kingdom. Two of our Deluxe rooms even have historical claw-foot bathtubs, in which you can enjoy a relaxing honey-lavender bath, prepared according to the traditional recipe of Countess Földváry.
Upon entering your room, you will be delighted to find a small homemade sweet and some refreshing Chateau spring water. The comfort of our rooms, the coziness of our beds and the beautiful view of the English park surrounding the Chateau, will certainly make you feel energized.

Single and Double Beds
Number of guests: 2 to 4 people
Size: Approx. 180 – 270 square feet
Price: Starting from € 99,- for 2 people (breakfast included)

Spring room


Summer room


Autumn room


Winter room



Monte Carlo room


New York room


Rome room


Paris room


Casablanca room


Venice room



Luxury Apartment Chateau Suite

It is not always easy to choose the most beautiful apartment or room at the Chateau.
From our romantic wedding apartment, the “Honeymoon Suite” to our lovely “Angel Suite”, or perhaps the magic “Oriental Suite”, you can be sure to find a space that you love, can relax in and enjoy during your stay.
Every apartment has a unique style and theme, with queen size beds, unique accessories and highly comfortable furniture. The secret of our rooms is to make all of our guests feel at home, yet with that added touch of special luxury.
Everything in the Chateau is created solely for our guest’s harmony and comfort.
The size of the rooms is approximately 40m2.
Every Suite offers accommodation for 3 or 4 guests with extra beds.
Our gorgeous bathrooms, with Italian historical furniture, make bathing and showering an amazing experience, leaving you calm, relaxed and in tune with the historical energies that flow through the building.

Bed types: single, double
Guests: 2-5
Price: from 129€ per 2 guests including breakfast

Knight suite


Angel’s suite


Royal suite


Honeymoon suite


Oriental suite


Divine suite



President Apartmant Mansion Suite

The Mansion suite is the most spacious apartment on the ground floor of Chateau Földváry. The suite has 2 large rooms, where guests can enjoy relaxing, and also working in a peaceful environment.
The first room is furnished with an elegant and luxurious bed, Italian furniture and beautiful accessories, and the additional space can be used for more practical tasks, such as doing the laundry, working on the computer or just for relaxation during the afternoon on an extremely comfortable sofa.
Our more artistic guests will definitely find inspiration looking out over the Chateau’s amazing view of the natural park, which this apartment offers.
The scenery is an artists dream, offering landscapes ideal for watercolors, pastels and paintings.
As with all our rooms, the Mansion Suite provides a large stylish bath and shower bath, TV, hotel phone and all other luxuries that make every guest feel special.

Bed types: single, double
Guests: 2-4
Price: from 149€ per 2 guests, including breakfast



Summer Villa Suite

Guests who desire complete privacy during their stay, can opt to stay in the Chateau’s ‘Summer Villa’.
The building is separate from all other buildings and also located away from the Mansion. The Villa incorporates 2 large penthouses with an amazing view over the grounds and outdoor swimming pool.
The ambience and decoration of the Summer Villa loft apartment will delight those looking for some privacy and time out, promising a truly relaxing experience.
After an intimate hot bath in your own private Jacuzzi, guests can feel the romantic atmosphere coming from an authentic crackling fire place.
In the morning, waking up is not that hard.
Simply order breakfast to your bed.

Cannes Suite and Sardinia Suite:
Bed types: single, double
Guests: 2-4
Price: from 99€ per 2 guests, includes breakfast

Cannes Suite


Sardinia Suite


Saint Tropez Suite

Bed types: Single, Double
Guests: 2-6
Price: 139€ per 2 guests, includes breakfast