Our Restaurant La Noblesse, Bar Portofino and the Gentleman’s Club, are unique because of their atmosphere and unrepeatable style.


Our wine list features the best wines from all around the world and the best and most groundbreaking cocktails from traditional recipes to exquisite changes made to reflect the Chateau’s taste.

Reservations must be made at least 1 day prior to arrival.

La Noblesse


Restaurant La Noblesse looks out over the Chateau’s park grounds.

The soft music, flowers, fresh silverware, shining glasses, excellent service all add to the ambience and romantic flair of the restaurant. The personal chef and option to order what ever you like, complement this unique experience.

The Hungarian menu will tickle even the most demanding gourmet’s palate, and for those who like to dine privately, we offer a ‘Private Dinner’ option.

Bar Portofino

Enjoy the taste of superb coffee after a royal breakfast, and relax during the afternoon, with tea and traditional homemade cake. You can then finish your day with a glass of high quality wine at the bar Portofino.

The amazing art deco style, sense of history and comfortable Setting, will make you feel like home. We offer a wide selection of drinks, fresh cocktails and a fully stocked bar to ensure our guests have everything they require to relax and enjoy our Chateau.

Gentlemen’s Club


The tradition of ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’, has been established for over 200 years, and is being carried on at Chateau Földváry.

Historically, a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ has a leather seating, a faint smell of fresh tabacco and serves amazing quality wine. Here at the Chateau we can promise this to our ‘Gentlemen’, and more.

In one part of the Club you can find our wine cellar with a wide selection of the top Italian, French and Hungarian wines. During a game of snooker, our guests can sit with a glass of delicious brandy, whisky or wine and enjoy the aroma of cigars.

For our Gentleman guests, this is the only place where it is allowed to smoke inside of the Chateau.

From the Sommelier

The origin of the word sommelier is rooted in the French Provence from the 14th century.

The tasting ritual which was done by the very first Sommelier, has been preserved and continued up to this day. Chateau Földváry will take our guests back to the history of the sommeliers and provide a tasting of the top wines from our wine cellar.

We take pride in the harmony of our delicious food and delicate wines.

The perfect combination of both can create an unforgettable and memorable taste and drinking experience.

The best choice of Italian, French, and Hungarian wines are offered with BIO (organic) quality and AOC cheeses and other delicacy cheeses from all around the world.

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