Make your dreams come true for your romantic wedding day…be our princess and prince.


Enjoy your big day in our charming Chateau Földváry and live your dream wedding.
The Chateau will be unique for this day, for you and your guests. We have a total of 18 rooms.
For honeymooners we offer a mystic apartment called “The Honeymoon” apartment.
Our chefs will make a menu according your wishes. Your Wedding Day at Chateau Földváry will be special regardless of what season you book it in. The grounds are amazing, whether covered in autumn leaves, winter snow, bright summer sun or fresh spring flowers.
We will supply a complete wedding service to our clients, including flowers and the whole package is provided to you with an excellent quality.


Trust us with all your event needs, wedding, parties, and meetings. Enjoy it at Chateau Földváry!

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